The Juice will be loose: OJ Simpson granted parole


As he was led down a hall, the former athlete raised his hands over his head in a victory gesture and said, "Oh, God, oh!"

Simpson is expected to make the case that he has been a model prisoner, receiving no demerits in the time he has been incarcerated.

Others approved of the long sentence, deeming it fitting following his 1995 acquittal of the murders of O.J.'s ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. About 120 miles northeast of the board's offices, Simpson will participate by video conference at Lovelock Correctional Center, the medium-security prison where he has been for nearly nine years.

Gray-haired but looking trimmer than he has in recent years, Simpson walked stiffly into the hearing room in jeans, a light-blue prison-issue shirt and sneakers.

Pool via Getty Images
O.J. Simpson sits with his lawyer during his parole hearing on Thursday
Pool via Getty Images O.J. Simpson sits with his lawyer during his parole hearing on Thursday

"It really made us all aware that, despite our best efforts, it's very hard to separate the California case from the Nevada case", Simpson's lawyer Yale Galanter said at the time. "I told the warden when I got here, "I will be no problem" and I think I've kept my word". So I'm sorry it happened. In 2013 Simpson scored a three - putting him in a low-risk category before he was granted parole.

"He is a good man". Bruce Fromong said it was all water under the bridge; they were friends again.

Arnelle Simpson, at 48 the eldest of Simpson's four children, told the board, "We recognize that he is not the flawless man". "Come on now", she said. "He's a good man; it's time for him to move home to his family and friends".

Simpson will return to family life in Florida.

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Among those angered by Thursday's decision were Goldman's father, Fred, and sister, Kim.

"Well that's the one question I'd like to ask", Darden said. He also advocated for an Alternative to Violence program, which he said should be mandatory for inmates.

"I had no intent to commit a crime.I've done my time". "I think about them, and wonder what they're up to".

Simpson is set to be released on October 1.

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Media outlets from The Associated Press to CNN to Fox News have been granted permission to cover the hearing live, and most cable channels and at least two national networks plan to break into programing for the proceedings.

"I think Justin and Sydney are terrific kids", he says, adding that he hasn't spoken to Simpson at all, or anybody involved with the trial.

Connie Bisbee, the chairwoman, responded, "No comment here".

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