Theresa May said she shed a 'little tear' after the election result


A year to the day after she took office replacing David Cameron, who stepped down following his disastrous gamble on the Brexit vote, Theresa May admitted in a radio interview that she shed a tear when she was told about the loss of the Conservative majority in the #Exit Polls after the recent election.

May added that her campaign had not been "perfect", but said she expected that her party would increase its majority.

The Prime Minister wanted to show voters that they had a strong and determined leader at the helm, someone who could lead us through the hard times ahead.

The exit poll put the Conservatives on 314 seats to Labour's 266, while the SNP were predicted to drop to 34 seats and the Lib Dems gain enough to finish on 14.

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"When the result came through it was complete shock".

Despite her minority control in Parliament, May said she does not regret calling the election. "I think it was the right thing to do at the time", she said.

'No, I didn't consider stepping down because I felt there was a responsibility there to ensure that the country still had a government'.

She was a "remain" voter stating in April 2016 that staying in the European Union " does make us more secure.prosperous.and influential beyond our shores". "I'd called it because of concerns about how we were going to go forwards, particularly on Brexit".

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She said: "He was there through the night with his constituents - I saw a Jeremy Corbyn there was was a good constituency MP". May, who insisted her government had the "humility" to "listen to the message we got from people at the election".

"We didn't see it coming".

'We didn't see the result that came coming, ' she said.

Asked whether she was a feminist, May said she was, as she believed it was "important women have equal opportunities". According to her, it was a shock that the Conservative party lost the absolute majority of mandates.

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Barnett followed this up by asking if, as a feminist, May had worries about making an informal coalition deal with the Democratic Unionists given the Northern Irish party's position on some equalities issues.