Trump sees his historically terrible public standing as 'not bad'


Donald Trump's approval ratings have fallen to the lowest level of any US President in history.

The alleged scandal prompted 63 percent of the poll participants to disapprove of Trump Jr.'s action, while 67 percent of the Americans were not convinced that members of the Trump administration had nothing to do with influencing the 2016 election in their candidate's favor. Overall, 48 percent say they "disapprove strongly" of the current USA president's performance in office.

Indeed, Trump was unlikely to take news of the poll well, as his approval rating in the survey is unusually low, with only Gerald Ford's six-month rating in 1975 coming close, when he saw a 39% approval rating at a similar stage in his tenure, ABC News reported.

And just 27 percent say US leadership on the world's stage has gotten stronger while 48 percent say it has grown weaker under Trump.

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Meanwhile, his disapproval numbers rose to 58%, with an overall 48% of respondents saying they "strongly disapproved" of his performance in office.

Don't expect Trump to take the results to heart, of course, especially given his track record of confounding pollsters.

Most participants (55 percent) thought Trump's G20 summit visit was not sucessful.

Nearly 70 percent of those who thought Russian Federation interfered, say they think Trump's aides attempted to collude with Russian Federation. Only 37 per cent of Americans "say the Democratic Party now stands for something, while 52 per cent viewed it as it "just stands against Trump".

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President's overall approval rating also dipped.

On the plus side, opinions about Trump's economic proposals were evenly divided, with 43 percent of respondents approving and 41 percent disapproving. And the partisan split on the Russian Federation issue has grown even more extreme, with a mere nine percent of Republicans now believing that the Trump campaign helped Vladimir Putin influence the 2016 election.

Americans who disapprove of Trump focused heavily on the president's personal and character traits. "If Trump's at 36% approve/58% disapprove, with 32% approval among independents, GOP won't hold the House", Bill Kristol, a Republican pundit and editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard conservative news magazine tweeted on Sunday. While 50 percent of Americans say they prefer Obamacare, only 24 percent favor the Republican plan.

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