Wavedash Games Reveals Icons: Combat Arena at EVO


While Evo 2017 is going full swing in Las Vegas, a trailer revealed the official dates and games lineup for Evo Japan 2018, the debut of a Japanese league and the debut of the first Arms tournament sponsored by Nintendo. There has, thus far, only been one major ARMS event with 2GGC's ARMS Saga, but that was as a side-event to the Super Smash Bros for Wii U-focused circuit.

The grassroots-driven game studio, which received $6 million dollars in corporate funding earlier this year, revealed a teaser announcement for their long-awaited platform fighting game now known as Icons: Combat Arena. Brawl that many players immensely prefer over the original version, have officially revealed their next game, and those who enjoyed the first project will be happy to hear that it is indeed a fighting game once again.

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Not only does Japan have a strong presence in King of Fighters, but is also relatively close to China-the nation nearly universally believed to be the world's best in the game. Wavedashing (of course), edge hanging and mid-air charges are all in the game as well as a number of notable movesets which have been essentially ripped from the team's work on the Project M mod.

The game looks strikingly similar to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros.

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As of now, reception for Icons: Combat Arena is mixed to say the least.

The Super Smash Bros.-like Icons: Combat Arena is set to have its open beta sometime during fall 2017. According to a plethora of comments on the trailer's YouTube page, many fans are less than impressed with the title's sound and animations.

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