Could clouds block our view of the eclipse?


And this is not all a partial lunar eclipse will also be seen from all of North America.

Here in Philadelphia, we will see 80 percent of the sun covered up.

So be sure to check it out-but if you're in a place where you can see it, wear protective eyewear! Their Great Eclipse Caper will start at 10 a.m. and wrap up at 1 p.m. with telescopes and activities for the kids, and eclipse-themed food and drink. The last time the USA witnessed an eclipse like Monday's was nearly a century ago on Saturday, June 8, 1918. The last time that happened in 1257 and it was about 200 years before Christopher Columbus was even born. This is unlike the normal theory that people spend a lot of time documenting moments rather than just experiencing them. There's plenty of time to plan for the next US eclipse on April 8, 2024. Locally, we will see a partial eclipse so the atmospheric phenomenon such as seeing the sun's corona or the sky going pitch black in the afternoon will occur about 3-4 hours south of us.

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From Earth, the moon will appear to be the same size as the sun. This means NASA certified glasses must be worn during the full duration of the eclipse as a sliver of the sun will be exposed.

The first coast-to-coast eclipse witnessed by the United States in almost a century will be seen in Bermuda, at its height, as an 85-per-cent eclipse.

The Science Channel in Madras, Oregon, will broadcast the event live.

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The Louisa County Public Library will host a viewing party on August 21, from 1-4 p.m., complete with games and eclipse-related crafts.

The next solar eclipse to cut across the US will be in the 2024, and will move near the east coast.

The organisation fears reckless behaviour as the total solar eclipse sweeps across the nation could lead to tragedies.

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