DIY Ways To Make Your Own Solar Eclipse Glasses


"The sun will be behind you", NASA says.

To clarify, these instructions yield one projector, not a set of glasses. Look through the other hole in the lid to see the eclipse action - during the eclipse you'll see the moon biting a chunk from the sun. In most case, all you need for the project is a cardboard box, some white paper, aluminum foil, tape, and an X-acto knife or scissors, and either a thumbtack, needle, or nail.

Next, cut a small hole in the center of the pizza box's top, tape a square piece of foil over it, and poke a tiny hole in the foil. However, you can make your own projector to safely view the eclipse this afternoon.

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Cut out the traced rectangle from the paper and put it in the bottom of the opened box. But no one will fault you for going the extra mile with this version and having pizza for the wait.

But for those lucky enough to be over in America for the eclipse it's important to stay safe and not look directly at the sun.

"The bottom line is you should not look directly at the sun unless you have the proper equipment", said optometrist Aaron Reinert in Anna.

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Finally, you can use your very own fingers.

If you have nothing handy with which to watch, don't fret.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology has also released tips on how to make a pinhole camera with two pieces of white card stock, aluminum foil, tape and a pin or a paper clip. Check these suggestions from the American Astronomical Society. Let your fingers work for you and project the sun onto a surface. "You don't look directly at the sun". Again, hold up your device and project the sun onto a surface.

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Can't see the full eclipse today? Here's where those eclipses can be viewed in the United States.