ESPN's Fantasy Football Draft Resembles a Slave Auction, Slate Article Claims


The sketch featured a white auctioneer holding up popsicle sticks with faces of players to what appeared to be an assemblage of mostly white bidders.

ESPN is receiving backlash for a segment on its fantasy football marathon on Monday that has left Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Sort of how you would imagine an outdoor auction to be, a group of all-white bidders sat in rows of neatly-lined chairs.

National Football League wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. said he was left "speechless" after seeing the clip of his face on a stick being auctioned off to a mostly white crowd.

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ESPN has since apologized for the fantasy football segment.

Two of the most popular draft styles are snake, where owners select a player then wait as the order ascends then comes back; and auction, where bids are placed on players to help fill rosters. "U guys might wanna address this optic sooner than later", radio host, Ebro tweeted.

The auction included white and black players.

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Others pointed out how similar the auction was to the scene in Get Out.

"Certainly, a situation like this calls into question whether ESPN has enough people in leadership positions who would instinctively understand and make note of the potential reaction to this segment", Matthew Zimmerman, an assistant professor of sport studies at Mississippi State University, told USA TODAY Sports via Facebook Messenger.

ESPN may want to run their ideas by a couple of people in the brainstorm room next time.

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