HMS Queen Elizabeth captain 'kept eyes open' for tight docking manoeuvre


Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has heralded the HMS Queen Elizabeth's impending arrival, and declared last week that she would be deployed "across the seven seas, using her strike power to deter our enemies".

The carrier was built specifically as a platform for the next generation of fighter jets and is expected to have two dozen F-35B aircraft on board by 2023.

Whatever its capabilities, the Queen Elizabeth is vast.

The Royal Navy's largest ever warship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, sailed into her home port of Portsmouth for the first time today.

The Ministry of Defence said specialist dredging vessels had removed 3.2m cubic metres of sediment - the equivalent to 1,280 Olympic swimming pools - during the dredging operation carried out to deepen the harbour mouth to enable the Queen Elizabeth to reach Portsmouth naval base.

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He said: "In 50 years' time, people will still talk about this day and the arrival of the new aircraft carrier". F-35B Lightning II jets are still being built and tested in the U.S., and the ship won't be fully operational until 2020.

It cost the Royal Navy over £3 billion ($3.87 billion) and took eight years to build.

She was accompanied by Royal Navy helicopters.


The pilot then took a photo and flew away once the wind had settled.

The second aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, is scheduled to be officially named at Rosyth next month. It is thanks to their industrious endeavours and pride that we have achieved this historic moment in the programme to bring HMS Queen Elizabeth into service.

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Technically, it remains a civilian rather than a military ship until it is commissioned later this year.

"The most significant changes include a widening of the approach channel and a change to its route", says the Queen's...

Capable of carrying up to 40 aircrafts, it is the lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth-class of supercarrier.

HMS Queen Elizabeth's first deployment is still a long way off.

"Britain can be proud of this ship and what it represents".

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