HP dresses up its VR backpacks for business


The HP Z VR Backpack is a wearable and untethered computer capable of running virtual reality workloads. According to PCMag, it will be "promoted with either HP's version of the Windows mixed-reality headset or the HTC Vive Business Edition".

The company is no stranger to VR backpacks.

"Virtual reality is changing the way people learn, communicate and create", said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager at Z Workstations. Maybe a vehicle company wants to take customers on a lag-free demo ride, or the military could use it for on-the-job training, or real estate companies can take people on virtual tours of houses; that's the kind of thing HP believes will be the Z VR Backpack PC's bread and butter.

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The VR market has so far been very focused on entertainment and its significant implications for the future of gaming, but the potential applications in other areas - such as product design, architecture, healthcare, first responder training and automation - are vast.

It has been created to offer them high-end performance so that, customers don't get distracted by bad graphics and stuttering frame rates while watching a virtual reality demos of a vehicle or a house they might be interested in, they don't get distracted by bad graphics and stuttering frame rates.

Handling graphics processing duties is an NVIDIA Quadro P5200 with 16GB of GDDR5.

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With all the high specs, you will have to pay $3299 for the entry-level variant of the Z VR Backpack.

Like it or not backpack computers are now a part of our lexicon and probably will be until VR headsets are less reliant on being tethered to a PC.

The unit is akin to an enterprise edition of its recently released Omen X Compact backpack for gamers, which came with Intel Core i7 processor and overclocked Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics. The datasheet is available here. HP sees VR as critical to successful digital transformation.

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HP also announced VR support for the HP Z Book 17 mobile workstation, HP Z Desktop workstations, and the EliteDesk 800 G3 tower. It is ideal for companies wanting to future-proof their technology and deliver state-of-the-art capabilities.