Kim Kardashian is being sued again


On Monday, Hooshmand Harooni sued Kardashian's company, Kimisaprincess Inc., for patent infringement over the illuminated LuMee phone case she endorses, ET reports.

Kim Kardashian West's perfectly lit selfies have made her the target of a lawsuit.

Harooni claims she is taking some of their profits, so they want $100 million.

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Snaplight also claimed Kardashian's company of bullying.

SnapLight is seeking at least $100 million in lost profits.

Kim's rep told TMX that 'the patent lawsuit filed by Snap Light has no merit and is just another attempted shakedown.

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Urban Outfitters is also being sued for having "benefitted financially through increased sales of the LuMee selfie cases", reads the lawsuit.

In the legal document acquired by TMZ, Snap Light asked the court to stop Kim from promoting LuMee smartphone cases. Still, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved LuMee. meaning there are likely meaningful differences between the products. LuMee LLC fired the first shot when it sued Snap Light last November for infringing LuMee's similar patent. Then she chose to take a photo and stick it on the internet. West's endorsement of LuMee branded selfie cases", court papers read. "Ms.

Trouble is looming over selfie phone cases. You'd think that revelation would scare me, but in fact, I feel nothing.

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Lumee announced in January 2016 that it was partnering with Kardashian West as an adviser. "And I said, 'Hey, what if we came up with something with lights on a cellphone case that illuminates to have ideal lighting", Rahm, 42, said in an interview Tuesday. LuMee and Ms. West are unfairly reaping the benefits of technology that was patented by Mr. Harooni. Kim has done absolutely nothing wrong.