Late Night Reacts to Trump's Latest Charlottesville Press Conference


"I want to say I get it".

Although the president has "no doubt" that "there's blame on both sides" of the violent rally, the late-night host believes the president should be doubting his future as commander in chief. Donald Trump." The president was reportedly elated after his press conference, saying he felt liberated - "emancipated", even, Colbert suggested, slipping into this Trump voice: "Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty I am free at last. "It's pretty troubling when a backyard decoration comes out swinging stronger against Nazis than the president of the United States", he said.

So he called on Trump voters to call on him to leave the office. In what amounted to a separate address to his viewers before his monologue Monday night, Fallon declared that his young daughters, like all young people in the country, need leaders to look up to, "and the fact that this President took two days to clearly denounce racism and white supremacy was shameful". They include referring to Kimmel as a whining baby, a snowflake, and told him to find another country if he didn't like President Trump. That's the last thing you want to do.

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The Daily Show. The most-quoted remark from the show was a tweet hours before airtime: "Today is the day Donald Trump became president of the Confederacy".

Stephen Colbert is pictured on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", Aug. 3, 2017.

Will any of these late-night assaults will make any difference? "I was excited, I made a mistake, and now it needs to go, '" he said, per the New York Times.

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As far as the press conference goes, Kimmel thought his shocking words were like a "book club meeting turning into a cock fight", and wondered who in the world would allow the president to make an official statement, because he is "certain" that "the president is completely unhinged".

Kimmel learned the lesson of Karma on Tuesday when he joked that he could switch things up and focus on anything but Trump in his monologue.

What you instead heard from the man who has previously boasted "First!" in calling similar incidents terrorism even before authorities issue official statements, was a statement about the "terrible events", which he described as an egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence "on many sides".

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The Late Show's Stephen Colbert said "Donald Trump drove America's moral leadership right through the guardrails" on Tuesday, after grudgingly saying the right thing on Monday. But the truth is - and deep down you know you made a mistake, you know this is true - you made a mistake. "But as a whole over the past few years they've felt the need to hide in the shadows, and I hope this outpouring of disgust for them will make them go back into those shadows or better disappear altogether".