Netflix's 'Stranger Things' Will Likely Have Four Seasons


During a recent interview with Vulture, show creators Matt and Ross Duffer confirmed that we may not only see a third season of Stranger Things, but a fourth season as well.

"One of last year's biggest breakout TV shows was Netflix's "#Stranger Things", which premiered in July and soon became a pop culture phenomenon. By the time we get to season four, if that is in the cards, perhaps the brothers will have ideas for more seasons. The character's fate has been in question before: During the season 1 finale, she used her telekinesis to stop the Demagorgon, seemingly destroying herself in the process.

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The duo spoke on how the second season will do what many successful sequels do and kick things up a notch. And a fourth season looks likely as well. If the Duffer brothers have their way, that will end the series, instead of dragging it out for as long as possible - a situation many showrunners have to deal with on cable and network television.

The masterminds behind the hit show, Matt and Ross Duffer, seem determined to not jump the shark. He also teased that season 2 will be a little bigger as they "wanted to push things a bit". The producers of "Game of Thrones" in particular let fans know that the show would conclude its narrative in its seventh season well before releasing its current sixth. The pressure is certainly on to get it right, but as that "Thriller" trailer made clear, they definitely know what they're doing in this sandbox.

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Eleven may not be in Stranger Things season 3, according to star Millie Bobby Brown. "We're thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out", they added. "We just have to keep adjusting the story", said Matt.

Personally speaking, I was a bit happy thinking that the first season may be its only one-it was a complete, concise, nearly neatly-wrapped story.

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