Of Course Trump Looked Directly At The Eclipse


President Trump looks at the sun without protective gear during the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross also were spotted outside the White Hosue - NASA-provided glasses in hand - to watch the phenomenon.

"At 2:41 p.m., a minute before peak eclipse at the White House at about 81%, the president put on a pair of glasses and stood next to the first lady". While the three had solar eclipse glasses, which protect your eyes as you stare directly at the sun, Trump initially gazed up without eye protection.

President Trump tweeted that he was headed back to Washington following a 17-day trip that the White House described as a "working vacation". From a balcony at the White House, the USA leader briefly looked directly into the sun without his eclipse glasses.

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At one point, Trump did look up at the eclipse without wearing the glasses, which could be extremely harmful to a person's eyesight.

The moon blocked out the sun on Monday in the first total solar eclipse to pass over the mainland United States in 38 years. Washington DC, however, only witnessed a partial solar eclipse.

A widely known rule is that an eclipse should not be viewed by the naked eye as the rays of the sun are more powerful and could damage eyesight.

Staring into the solar eclipse - North America's first total solar eclipse in almost 40 years - could cause irreversible damage to the eyes by burning your retinas.

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Yesterday's solar eclipse in the USA came with numerous health warnings from scientists and experts. The White House supplied reporters with eclipse glasses of their own for the viewing.

The total eclipse first hit the Unted States in OR, and Democratic Gov. Kate Brown was ready.

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