Police called over Prince Frederik incident in Brisbane


Jade Buddha co-owner Phil Hogan told ABC radio the royal encounter in Brisbane was embarrassing for all involved and particularly hard for his security staff.

"At the end of it all, they go up into the room and he is surrounded by his security, and no one expected him to actually walk up to the bar himself", he said.

"But it seems a little bit amusing that Liquor and Gaming Regulation can turn around and just bend the law because it's a Crown Prince", he said.

Mr Hogan descried the scenario as akin to a "scene from Monty Python" to Brisbane radio station Triple M.

"I mean I understand he's a very important person, but what's to stop me now calling up Liquor and Gaming Regulation and saying, 'I've got John out here, and do you mind if I just let him in cause I'm going to vouch for him'".

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He said staff were confident that it was the Danish prince after cross-checking via Google, "but they could have been terrorists for all we knew". "We are dealing with this all the time", he said.

Prince Frederik was reportedly in Brisbane ahead of the Hamilton Island Race Week yachting regatta.

"The officers refused to allow security to check the Crown Prince's ID, and they would not say who he was".

Venue co-owner Phil Hogan eventually made his way to the front of the venue to try to save everyone from further embarrassment summed up how a lot of locals feel about the scanners, which cost $8000 each to install, and became mandatory for anyone operating within the city's Safe Night precincts after 10pm, with the only alternative an option to shift closing time from 2am or 3am to midnight.

"More than 1.4 million IDs have been scanned since the laws were introduced in July and more than 70 violent offenders stopped from entering licensed venues as a result", she said.

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Mr Hogan said he had tried to resolve the problem, and called for foreign dignitaries to be excluded from the rules.

"It's a stupid law".

'It is normal protocol that we operate in this particular way, that we don't put anyone at risk, ' Mr Stewart said. "It's just a nonsense".

Chief executive of the city's economic development board Brett Fraser said it wasn't a good look for the city.

"We do a lot of work to position Brisbane as a destination of choice and headlines like that certainly don't help us".

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