Republican senator refuses to say whether GOP will endorse Trump for re-election


Sen. Susan Collins said Monday that it's "far too early" to tell if President Trump will be the Republican nominee in 2020. Instead, I wrote in the name of Paul Ryan.

"Do you think he will end up the party's nominee?" an MSNBC host asked. "And he should have said that very clearly".

Trump may not be as bad off as congressional Republicans, but even his personal pollster can't hide the fact that Republicans are leaving Trump. "That was a very hard position for me to take", Collins said.

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"Unfortunately he wavered back and forth", Collins said.

Will he become the GOP nominee? She tweeted that the email's goal was to provide reporters with "research on Trump's lies" and noted that DNC chair Tom Perez earlier this month said a massive border wall along the southern border of the United States is "ludicrous" and a waste of tax dollars. "It's too hard to say".

Because it's conditioning. Just as the mainstream media beat into Americans' heads that Hillary Clinton was the inevitable next President of the United States for years ahead of the 2016 contest, it's working to create a sense of doubt about Trump's second term. The never-Trump GOP establishment is alive and well and now is the time to begin with messaging that makes a Trump challenge from his own party sound plausible. It is also keeping an eye on potential G.O.P. primary challengers like Ohio Governor John Kasich, who is widely viewed as laying the groundwork for a 2020 presidential run.

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His answer was similar to Collins'.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, who has overseen the deployment of over 100 staffers to key states on the president's behalf said, "We're already engaging voters and volunteers in key battleground states to defend our majorities in 2018 and to ensure we keep the White House in 2020".

But Trump may have to deal with one if he continues to languish.

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