Space Station Crew Screams for Ice Cream, SpaceX Delivers


But real, edible ice cream is also on its way to the space station, as NASA officials said Sunday in a pre-launch news conference.

The cargo will be captured using the station's Canadarm 2 robotic appendage and will then be attached to the rocket. In addition to the materials for experiments, the payload will also include a supercomputer created by Hewlett Packard called the Spaceborne Computer. However, in July, United Launch Alliance delayed liftoff after the 7,615-pound satellite's antenna was damaged at Astrotech Space Operations in Titusville, Fla., during encapsulation.

The cargo will be lifted by a Falcon 9 rocket, from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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The project is meant to eventually end up on a voyage to Mars-which also takes a year-with the intention of helping astronauts perform high-level computation in space, which could eliminate the current lag-time in communication between space and Earth. To meet these requirements, we need to improve technology's viability in space in order to better ensure mission success. This is scheduled to happen at 12:31 p.m.

As we already said, round-trip communications with Mars could take up to 40 minutes, which means that systems like Spaceborne Computer are firmly required by the austronauts that will go and studry Mars, wouldn't be thet able to rely on Earth-located scientists.

It is hoped the system will operate continuously in the harsh demands of space for a whole year Existing systems can not cope with such an environment, meaning equipment such as laptops have to be replaced every month because degradation is accelerated.

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A mission to Mars will require computing resources that should be capable of an extended period of uptime, and this is why Spaceborne Computer will be tested for one year.

There is a lot of communication delays between Mars and Earth because Mars is nearly 140 million miles from Earth. It will take Dragon around 30 minutes to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere before the spacecraft's splash down on the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean. In other words, SpaceX has recovered the first stage during nearly 40% of all 38 Falcon 9 launches over the last 5 years. It is done from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Launch weather concerns are mostly some cumulus clouds expected Monday.

Live launch converage of the SpaceX Nasa resupply CRS-12 mission launch will begin on Nasa Television, the SpaceX website and SpaceX's hosted webcast on YouTube at 12:00PM EST (5:00PM BST) on Monday, 14 August.

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