Splatoon 2 Adds Manta Maria in Turf War, Ranked Battle This Weekend


In advance of its Gamescom presentation later tonight, Nintendo has dropped some exciting announcements for fans of its recent multiplayer games Splatoon 2 and ARMS.

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With Splatoon 2's release last month having helped the Nintendo Switch hit a sales milestone to become the best selling console of July 2017, it looks as if the Big N has chose to reward fans by providing ample post-launch support for the title.

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Splatoon 2's upcoming DLC continues to prove the squid kid franchise has, bar none, the best weapons in the genre. Players must use teamwork to help each other tackle enemies due to the outpost's numberous high walls. The ship will be the stage for Turf War and Ranked Battles and makes its debut this weekend on August 26. The map enters rotation on August 26, later this week. A new weapon, the Forge Splattershot Pro will arrive in time for the next Splatfest, and include the new Bubble Blower special in its arsenal. Shaped like an enormous bubble wand, this weapon's bubbles explode when covered in the player team's ink.

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Finally, Splatoon fans will get the Bubble Blower, a special weapon that blows three enormous bubbles onto the map. Three new Arms weapons will also be coming to the game, along with a new stage. They can be used to splat enemies and areas, but they can also disappear if attacked by enemy players. You gotta love Splatoon 2's creativity.