Tallest, fastest, longest steel-wood hybrid coaster coming to OH in 2018


While the theme park has four roller coasters specifically designed for children and families, the focus of the park is on some of the tallest, fastest and longest coasters in the world, including themed rides like Green Lantern: First Flight, The Riddler's Revenge, Superman: Escape from Krypton, and Batman: The Ride.

It will be the fastest hybrid coaster, reaching a maximum speed of 74 miles per hour.

It marks the fourth classification of roller coaster introduced by Cedar Point as the park's ever-higher roller coasters have needed new categories to define them.

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August 16th is National Roller Coaster Day so we have been wondering about all things roller coaster.

Cedar Point observers have known for months that Mean Streak was being rebuilt into something bigger and better.

But they didn't know the details until Wednesday. "All the elements we put in are very complicated and hard to do".

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"It will probably be the wildest coaster at Cedar Point", predicted Jason McClure, Cedar Point's general manager. "I can't tell you what that means, but that is something we have not yet said".

The obvious answer: "RMC can do something that's never been done". The entire ride will last approximately 2 minutes, 30 seconds.

RMC is also building new trains for the ride - 24-passenger cars, with lap restraints (not over-the-shoulder harnesses). Riders had been long complaining of the ride's bumps and jerks. "There are so many unexpected moments on Steel Vengeance, it's just plain twisted".

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"From the top of the lift hill to the end of the ride, it's going to be a blast", he said. The coaster not only combines a hybrid construction of smooth steel track set atop a wood support structure, but also reaches a height of over 200 feet - the defining feature of a "hyper-coaster". Platinum Passes also include season-long admission to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, free parking, in-park discounts on food and merchandise, exclusive ride nights and more.