Taylor Swift's 7 Stylish Looks to Follow


While she may have been on hiatus for a while it looks like the princess of pop is about to bless us with brand new music. While we salivate over an impending single let’s check out seven of her stylish looks that you can replicate.

Once upon a time, Taylor Swift was just a country girl who favoured denim skirts and vest tops. Just as her music has changed over the last decade, so has her style. She attended her first Academy of Country Music Awards just five months before her first album was released, that was in 2006. Her hair was curly, she wore a floaty, patterned dress and shiny cowboy boots. That T. Swift is long gone, get on board with her current looks, she has a few and she is certainly committed to them.

1.      A-Line Dresses

She started rocking the flattering A-line dress around the same time she released her Red album and it’s one look that has managed to persist over the years. It’s the perfect look, especially if like Taylor you are blessed with long, slender legs. The great about A-line dresses, though, is that they come in every size and are flattering for every body shape and size. Just ensure you choose shoes and accessories that accentuate the look, heels are always a win.


2.      High Waisted Shorts

Another look that has become synonymous with Taylor Swift walking photos are the high waisted shorts that are usually paired with a crop top and platform heels. She also has a soft spot for high-waisted skirts and crop tops, but if you had a body like hers so would you. While not everyone can pull this look off if you can do it you should because it’s appropriate for casual occasions as well as more formal gatherings.


3.      The Skater Skirt

This might just be her most famous look and it’s certainly one of the most consistent looks. On the 1989 tour, she was constantly donning the skater skirt and jazzing it up with an assortment of crop tops and sports coats. It’s been one of her more enduring looks for the last few years and it isn’t difficult to see why.


4.      Checks

Every once in a while, she’s captured looking uber casual and in those moments, she’s generally wearing dark skinny jeans with a casual checked shirt and a simple pair of flats. Even Taylor Swift needs to feel comfortable when she’s out and about in society with the rest of us normies. So, you should feel no shame in dressing down for a day hitting the high street.


You may have also noticed she’s a big fan of vertical stripes, whether it’s tops or skirts, she is always a sucker for a chic pattern.


5.      The Gym Look

While you might look a mess when you leave the gym, Swifty manages to keep it real with patterned yoga pants and a stylish loose-fitting workout top. If you really want to look stylish while you work out tie a brightly coloured jumper around your waist. All the cool kids are doing it. Bonus points if you go for high-waisted leggings, because you know she loves high-waisted everything. Don’t forget the brightly coloured trainers, she prefers hers in orange, but you can follow your fashion inspired heart wherever it may take you.


6.      Romper Suits

Yes, before they became the rage for ultra-stylish men everywhere (really, though?), they were a firm favourite in Taylor’s wardrobe. Whether it was a simple green number with a t-shirt underneath paired with boots and a choker or the sleek designer number she wore to an awards show. The beauty in rompers is that you can dress it down or dress it up depending on the event you may be attending.


7.      The Two Piece

It’s like wearing a dress, but it’s a matching crop top and skirt instead. It’s the perfect way to capture the style and elegance of a dress, but with the comfort and ease of a skirt and top. She really is a fashion icon. It’s a flattering look for any body shape and size and it makes accessories a cinch as if you opt for a patterned look the outfit is the one doing all of the talking.


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I guess the real question now is what does Taylor Swift have in store for her new era? Her social media accounts have been wiped clean, only started posting recently. Since then there have just been two vague posts hinting about new music. Will Taylor re-emerge with her classic look in tact or will she have shed the old and reinvented herself as so many pop stars before her have? Timeless is rumoured to be the theme of her new single, and regardless of what she’s wearing, she certainly is that and she is officially back. 

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