The Following Solar Eclipse to be Examined by NASA


These are relatively rare because the sun, moon, and Earth have to line up very precisely to make an eclipse visible in this part of the world. Not to scale: If drawn to scale, the Moon would be 30 Earth diameters away. The event, which will be seen first in OR and cut diagonally across 14 states to SC, will be the first total solar eclipse visible coast-to-coast since 1918.

And everyone heading out to catch a view of the eclipse should proceed with caution: It's unsafe to look directly at the sun during an eclipse (except during totality).

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The solar eclipse will be seen first in OR and cut diagonally across 14 states including our area, to SC.

"Over time, the number and frequency of total solar eclipses will decrease", Vondrak said in the statement. The next total solar eclipse to cross the US will occur on April 8, 2024.

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Come August 21, whether you're in the prime viewing path or not, you might want to get out to see this. It may be one of several varieties, in which the moon blocks part or all of the sun (see diagrams).

Another map, which was published by the Washington Post, is interactive and allows you to follow the path of the solar eclipse across the United States from OR to SC, with details about points along the way, including Nashville and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Features on the surface of the moon determine the shape of the umbra.

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The eclipse will last for 2 minutes 40 seconds and the lunar shadow will be 115 kilometers in width. The information that was registered from the AIRS will be the main source for scientists to gain more knowledge about how Earth's exchange of the incoming and outgoing radiation between the planet and the sun works.