This Is Probably Why Lorde Didn't Sing at the 2017 MTV VMAs


Keeping with the girly theme, Lorde sported pink eyeshadow, and swept up her hair in a half updo.

If you were watching the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, you may have been a little confused as to why Lorde danced her way through her live performance.

Taking to the stage to perform her Melodrama album cut "Homemade Dynamite", Lorde was notably without a microphone as the song started playing in the background. She kicked it off by hitting play on a boombox and then just danced.

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The Kiwi singer tweeted earlier that's she's battling the flu.

"You can't tell in these pictures but I have the flu so bad I needed an IV", Lorde wrote on Twitter Saturday, after showing fans her "moon princess" look. Some speculated that her silent performance as due to the fact she was unwell, and perhaps unable to sing.

Although she didn't sing a word, Lorde still seemed to be bursting with energy throughout the dance number.

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It wasn't quite the same as hearing her sing, too, but watching her power through a tough break was inspiring just the same. I'm sure we'll have plenty more Lorde performances at awards shows to come, so we can just look forward to those for now.

Surrounded by her entourage, Lorde made her way down the red carpet at the music video awards.

She said she'd "been rehearsing for the VMAs and my knees are covered in bruises" but didn't mention the fact she was ill.

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