Warrior Princess reboot — NBC scraps Xena


Once upon a time, NBC was planning a big, lesbian reboot of Xena: Warrior Princess but, because we can't have nice things, that reboot is apparently dead.

Grillo-Marxuach left the project this year due to creative differences, and now NBC confirms the reboot won't happen.

"It will also express my view of the world - which is only further informed by what is happening right now - and is not too hard to know what that is if you do some digging".

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"We looked at some material; we decided at that point that it didn't warrant the reboot", NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke told the Hollywood Reporter.

NBC hasn't ruled out the possibility of a future reboot enitrely, with Salke telling the Hollywood Reporter "never say never". The potential reboot was first announced in 2015, with Lost writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach coming aboard to pen the script in 2016.

In a blow to fans this week, NBC confirmed that the project is "dead" after Grillo-Marxuach departed the project.

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Inspired the '90s TV series starring Lucy Lawless, the revival reportedly "would have explored the romantic relationship that existed between Xena (Lawless) and her sidekick, Gabrielle (played by Renee O'Connor in the original)".

However, the planned reboot would have seen Xena out of the closet, with the gay romance expected to feature heavily in the new series.

The revival, which was set to bring back co-creators Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi, was going to focus more on the lesbian relationship between the Amazonian goddess and Gabrielle as well as, you know, the fighting and her iconic armbands. "There is no reason to bring back "Xena' if it is not there for the goal of fully exploring a realtionship that could only be shown subtextually in first-run syndication in the 1990s".

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I feel like you'd have to be blind to think of it as even just subtextual in the original series. However, this might be bittersweet news for Xena: Warrior Princess fans. Nevertheless, the network said that they are still open to doing a Xena revival at some point.