Charities beg Burma for protection in delivering aid to Rohingya


"Minutes later, the waves washed the bodies to the beach". This latest round, however, has forced nearly half of the Rohinyga population - an estimated 1.1. million of a population of 53 million in Myanmar - out of the country, triggering a refugee crisis in Bangladesh, where there have been reports of fights breaking out over aid delivery as food shortages become more pronounced. "Then it overturned", Nurus Salam told AFP. The U.N. said that the new, higher number was mainly because they were better able to count refugees, not because of a dramatic increase in arrivals.

The huge influx of Rohingya to Bangladesh - the largest mass movement of refugees in the region in decades - has created a humanitarian crisis as the government and aid agencies struggle to provide food, clean water and shelter.

What apologists for her overlook is that she outrageously linked global aid agencies to "terrorist" insurgents, bringing to an abrupt end the delivery of desperately needed aid to tens of thousands of Rohingya still in Myanmar.

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The UN had been pushing to visit Rakhine to investigate the flight of 480,000 Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh in a month.

Images circulated by Myanmar authorities on Wednesday showed hundreds waiting to cross the Naf River that divides the two countries.

Myanmar's government claims it is fighting militants in the area, but the United Nations says the situation is better described as the "ethnic cleansing" of the Rohingya Muslims, whom the government refuses to recognize as citizens despite the fact that the Rohingya have been living in the area for centuries.

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Access to Rakhine by relief agencies and global media has been heavily controlled by Myanmar's army and government, making it hard to assess the situation there. Thirty Rohingya have been rescued from the boat carrying 120.

As Myanmar does not allow unfettered access to the conflict zone, it is impossible to corroborate how many people have died.

The International Organization for Migration reported Thursday that 13 people, including eight children, were killed when a boat capsized while traveling from Myanmar to Bangladesh.

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"The Myanmar military is forcibly displacing and killing Rohingya, a campaign of crimes against humanity that amounts to ethnic cleansing", said Tirana Hassan, Amnesty's crisis response director. "This is the official reason we have been given", she told The Independent.