Eight dead in Florida nursing home following Hurricane Irma


"Was not interested to get there", she said, blaming Florida Power and Light, not the nursing home staff, for the deaths.

Scott, the governor, directed two state agencies - the Agency for Health Care Administration and the Department of Children and Families - to probe the situation and dispatch investigators to the nursing home. No arrests have been made in the criminal probe, according to police in the city just north of Miami.

Police were first called to the facility at about 4:30 a.m. but authorities did not arrive until after 6 a.m., officials said.

Three residents died in the facility and five more perished at the hospital or on the way.

Eight seniors were found dead at The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills and hospital workers said they were left in sweltering heat.

Local officials are concerned, even if the president is not. Some 680,000 customers were without power throughout Georgia at press time.

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Others likely had to close or evacuate because their generator capacity was not large enough to run air conditioning or they faced fuel shortages to power the generators. "There are not as many beds and facilities available as there are people with needs". "They identified which facilities were to be critical, top infrastructure facilities", Mr Gould said.

Several private companies, including Boeing and SpaceX, have operations at Kennedy and reported minimal damage.

He said crews evacuated 115 patients from the centre and are in the process of evacuating another 18 patients from a nearby behavioural facility next door. In the afternoon, authorities learned that another had died early in the morning, and was initially uncounted because the person had been taken directly to a funeral home. Moulder's mother was released from the hospital to a new nursing home. It may have had air conditioning problems, they added.

The Hollywood center where the deaths occurred had earned a "below average" mark of two out of five stars from the nursing home rating system for Medicare, the US health insurance program for the elderly and disabled, Medicare records showed.

Detailing the problems identified this week by the Agency for Health Care Administration, member station WLRN reports, "In its complaint, the healthcare agency said that on September 10 the rehab center 'became aware that its air conditioning equipment had ceased to operate effectively.'". As of 2016, Florida had about 680 nursing homes. The Sun-Sentinel reports that Michel "has history of fraud charges".

City officials said eight others died.

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Lawmakers submitted legislation requiring generators at adult living facilities and nursing homes.

That 2006 case involved a $15.4 million settlement.

The Herald contacted Larkin Community Hospital, which owns the rehab center, seeking comment but had not heard back.

"They're going to need a lot of help, or we're going to lose the citrus industry in Florida, and we can't let that happen", Rubio said.

Some 3.1 million homes and businesses, representing close to one-third of the state's population, were without power on Thursday in Florida and neighboring states. And he thanked the American people for their prayers, Floridians for their "great spirit", first responders, the military and "Florida officials up and down the state".

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