Iran Tests Ballistic Missile Amid US Tensions


Iran's ballistic missile program has triggered the discontent and concerns of other states, in particular, the United States due to its possible links to the Iranian nuclear program.

US President Donald Trump, speaking at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, noted Iran was building its missile capability and accused it of exporting violence to Yemen, Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

Iran has successfully tested a new ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple warheads, the state-run broadcaster Press TV reported on Saturday, according to footage broadcast on Iranian state television.

The parade was one of many across Iran on the first day of the annual week-long commemoration of Iranian forces during the 1980s Iraq war. Similar parades with Iranian army units and Revolutionary Guard forces were held in other Iranian cities.

"We will increase our military power as a deterrent", he said.

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A watchdog and other experts say the shallow 3.5-magnitude quake is likely an aftershock from the Sept 3 nuclear test . It's not so much because of Kim's threat - South Koreans feel they've heard those before and they're used to them.

In the past few months, the Trump administration and the U.S. Congress have pointed to Iran's ballistic missile program as a provocative and destabilizing factor, which casts doubt on Iran's intentions and future behavior.

The test is expected to raise tensions between Iran and the U.S., where President Trump accused the country of building "dangerous" missiles in his United Nations address on Tuesday.

"We need nobody's permission to defend our territories", he said.

"We will not put up with threats and intimidation, we believe in negotiations and moderation", he continued, referring to US President Donald Trump's speech.

Mr Trump signalled a stronger approach to Tehran, questioning the 2015 deal with Iran struck by his predecessor Barack Obama.

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"Like North Korea, Iran is responding to Trump's bellicosity by its own display of strength, to show it is not cowed", said Mark Fitzpatrick, executive director of the Americas office of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a British think tank. Thousands of worshippers marched after Friday prayers in Tehran, chanting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel".

Trump used his U.N. speech to dismiss the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, calling it an "embarrassment" and "one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into".

France also said it was extremely concerned and called on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to carry out a full report on the launch.

The U.S. has imposed unilateral sanctions on Iran, saying its missile tests violate a United Nations resolution, which calls on Tehran not to undertake activities related to missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

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