PewDiePie Says 'No Excuses' for N-Word: 'I'm Disappointed in Myself'


"That's not it at all - I'm just an idiot", he says in the video. The Internet tends to be a place made for those with thick skin.

Kjellberg holds a singular, and increasingly unsettled, place in gaming and YouTube culture. During the stream, Kjellberg was quoted saying, "What a fucking ni**er", in regards to another player in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

"I'm disappointed in myself because it seems like I've learned nothing from all these past controversies", Kjellberg said. In the past, PewDiePie has proven to be racially insensitive with his humour. Kjellberg is no stranger to controversy, uploading videos with anti-Semitic jokes and later blaming the news media for the resulting outrage.

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SFWeekly picked up the story as the company who created a different game that Kjellberg often streams himself playing, 2016's Firewatch, made a decision to take immediate legal action to distance themselves from Kjellberg.

This time, he had used the n-word, in anger, at another person. It suggests that he says things like the N-word on regular basis or at least in casual conversations when the camera is off.

"It was something that I said in the heat of the moment", PewDiePie continued.

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As I stated earlier, I don't believe that PewDiePie is completely racist; rather, I believe he's racially insensitive. I really want to improve myself, and better myself. In truth, it might actually be worse. As of writing, Pewdiepie has over 50 million subscribers on the video platform, and is massively popular with young children for his "Let's Play" content. He admits that there are no excuses for his use of this language. Not just for me, but for anyone that looks up to me, or anyone who's influenced by me.

The question is: How many chances does he have left to prove that he's not the Nazi-joking, racial-slur-uttering gamer his own content has helped make him out to be? "I love to push boundaries, but I consider myself a rookie comedian". That's all I have to say, thank you for watching. Nazi memes, they're not even that amusing anymore. After a ton of backlash for these comments, PewDiePie has now issued an apology where he says there is no excuse for his behavior. After the Nazi imagery scandal, Disney completely cut their ties with Kjellberg.

Though I agree with the decisions of companies speaking out against him, I don't see it having an effect on Kjellberg in the long-term. I hope that he does. The Swedish YouTube star whose real name is Felix Kjellberg went on, "Being in the position that I am, I should know better".

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