Tropical Storm Jose expected to strenghten


In the wake of Harvey and Irma, two devastating storms, there's still about two and a half months of the hurricane season left.

The storm debuted as a tropical wave on August 31 as it exited Africa.

Swells generated by Jose were affecting Bermuda, the Bahamas, the northern coasts of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico, and the Southeast coast of the United States, and will spread northward along the Mid-Atlantic coast of the USA during the next few days. And it still could be out there for a week or more, a local meteorologist adds.

Hurricane Jose, now spinning about 600 miles east of Miami, remains a threat to the East Coast next week.

So, the obvious question: Will it impact here?

From the get-go, computer models have suggested that it would have an erratic and aimless career, but recent guidance is bringing it close to the USA coast by the middle of next week. However, it is too early for the computer models to make an accurate forecast as to where Invest 96L would make landfall along the USA east coast, if at all.

Jose re-strengthens into Category 1 hurricane
Two major hurricanes, Harvey and Irma , have hit the United States, with Irma also demolishing islands in the Caribbean. Fortunately, the storm is expected to lose strength and return to being a tropical storm as it approaches New England.

It likely will be 250 miles off shore as it passes early next week, Martrich said.

The latest projection of the path of Tropical Storm Jose brings it closer to the Northeast and New England.

"Beach erosion could be possible", Carpenter said. Increasing clouds. Spotty showers & storms.

Tropical Storm Lee has formed after coming off the African continent.

WEEKEND AND EARLY NEXT WEEK: Impacts from the upper level ridge will be felt through the weekend. The rest kept the storm out to sea.

But Jose requires watching, he said.

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The storm passed by the east coast of Florida on Friday at a speed of 10 miles per hour, with relatively low sustained wind speeds of 75 miles per hour.

And then Jose is gone?

Hurricane Jose is expected to weaken to a tropical storm as the storm nears New England. But Martrich said that will likely fizzle.

Norma was expected to resume motion toward the north and approach waters west of the peninsula late Sunday or early Monday.

The last time a hurricane hit CT was Sandy in October 2012. "There's a lot of the season to go". There are fears that Maria might threaten the Leeward Islands.

Swells from Jose are already affecting the Caribbean and southeast coast of the US.

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