AAP's 'satyagraha' against Metro fare hike another hoax: BJP


On Tuesday DMRC has increased the fares of metro despite strong opposition from the AAP led Delhi government. "The same politicians who are looting the citizens of their hard-earned money are now pretending to fight for the public and shedding crocodile tears", said the party's chief national spokesperson Anupam.

The ratio has nearly doubled since 2009, the last time when the fare was hiked, primarily on account of electricity tariff rising by nearly 90% and salary burden increasing by 50%. What is the objective of running an economically sound public transport system when people start looking at other options?

The revised fare structure of the Delhi Metro would be between a minimum of Rs 10 to a maximum of Rs 60. If he would have initiated the "Satyagraha" on the very day when the Metro Fare Fixation Committee held a meeting, then I don't think this move would have been taken into consideration. It presented a successful public funded model for other cities such as Bengaluru, Lucknow, and Jaipur to replicate, which they had done successfully.

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Delhi's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government staunchly opposed the move calling it anti-people.

Such commuters living in areas such as Azadpur, Nangloi, Mansarovar Park and Vasundhara Enclave said they would not mind paying extra if the Metro improves its services and upgrades its facilities and amenities, which, they added, should include "last-mile connectivity through feeder buses, better integration with buses ~ and women safety, especially during late night hours".

During a heated discussion on the metro fare hike in the state assembly, the AAP legislators voiced similar concerns and passed a resolution in this reagrd.

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Deepak Chowdhary, who works with the YMCA and commutes between Mayur Vihar and Rajiv Chowk, said it was "unfair" to increase the Metro fare within a period of six months. For instance, one has to pay Rs 60 for covering a distance of 47.5 km between Samaypur Badli and Huda City Centre in Gurugram, which no public transport can provide. Instead the average daily ridership of DMRC went down from 27.2 lakh in June 2016 to 25.7 lakh in June this year after the last fare hike in May. The Capital's Metro is 19 times cheaper than London Metro and seven times than the Singapore one. Travelling by the Delhi Metro may now cost you more.

In my view, the additional benefit as the Metro network expands would be tackling Delhi's rising air pollution as the train system is an alternative to personal vehicles.

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