Amazon Alexa now recognizes your voice


The solution, for these mostly blind devices, has been voice recognition, first seen on the Google Home, and today available on Amazon's Echo range of smart speakers. The search engine giant cited poor app implementation on Amazon's part and a "broken user experience" as their primary motivations behind the move but with the company reportedly developing their own Show competitor (codenamed "Manhattan"), there could be more to the story. You'll have to repeat ten sentences over to train Alexa that it's your voice.

Everyone in the home using Alexa should do the same thing, teaching the assistant who to expect to hear from.

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We'll be testing the new voice recognition feature out just as soon as the update arrives, so stay tuned for more details on how well it works, and how it compares with Google's approach.

In Alexa calling and messaging, for instance, your Echo will automatically recognize who is asking for a call, and then identify them by name for the person being called. Similarly, sending a message will identify the contacts assigned to that voice profile.

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The feature is one of the spots where Amazon has been playing catch up with Google, in spite of its multi-year head start. Currently, you can opt to set up a security code which needs to be read out to confirm any voice order. After using that code number one time with voice recognition enabled, Alexa will only ask for it in the future if she isn't sure it's you.

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