Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017) hands-on review


That aluminum body is now IPX8 rated, which means the new Kindle Oasis can handle immersion for up to sixty minutes in up to two meters of fresh water. And in 2015, a Pew research report on American device ownership showed that e-reader ownership was down significantly from the year prior.

The new Oasis is physically bigger than the old one, to make room for the larger screen, so naturally there's more room inside for batteries. The all-new Kindle Oasis has a battery life measured in weeks, and it includes a fast-charging capability that allows it to go from no battery to fully charged in less than two hours. Amazon says the Kindle (2016) and past Oasis will get this update as well; the popular Kindle Paperwhite will not, since it doesn't support Bluetooth.

OnePlus has been collecting very specific usage data
Christopher soon realised that Oneplus support team may not be authorised to suggest a legitimate solution even if they want to. The company was recently found guilty of rigging the benchmark scores for its latest OnePlus 5 flagship device.

The tech giant also believes it can counter such figures with improved durability and specifications, and said its new Kindle was the "most advanced ever" and would enable users to "read in even more places".

Kindle Oasis 2 vs Oasis: Should you upgrade? As it knows what page you're on, it will know where to start the audio and vice-versa. If you have the money, this is the e-reader to end all e-readers; in its category, it's stupendously desirable. The new version is still incredibly thin and light, it's still wedge-shaped with a step at the rear that creates a handy grip for holding the reader one-handed and it still has a pair of physical buttons on the front, alongside that that slightly odd, offset screen. There's also an ambient light sensor to control the Oasis's front-lighting automatically. Oddly, Amazon has followed in the footsteps of Apple and Google and decided not to equip the device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Weirdly, last year's Oasis lacked this feature despite the fact that the cheaper Voyage had it previously. Why on earth would you need all that for notoriously small eBooks? If you're new to Audible, sign up for a free trial and get two free audiobooks. These now appear on the device's home screen alongside your ebooks and can be streamed via Bluetooth to wireless speakers and headphones.

The Tamagotchi is coming back to steal your free time
Its arrival coincides with the 20th anniversary of Tamagotchi in the US , which launched in 1997. The mini Tamagotchi devices have been launched with a suggested retail price of £9.99.

Alas, Amazon isn't yet making it easier, or cheaper to buy both types of publication in the Kindle store.

The £230 device gets a price cut from the £270 of last year's Kindle Oasis, but is still significantly more expensive than the company's other Kindles, which cost £60 and £110. With Whispersync for Voice on the new Kindle Oasis, you will be able to listen to an audiobook while in the auto coming home from work, then switch back to the textual version when you get home - everything will by perfectly synchronized on the same Kindle.

Israel Exposed Russian Hackers of US Secrets
According to the report, Russian agents have used access to Kaspersky's software to maliciously intrude in computer systems around the world.

Arguably most impressive is the price. Keep an eye out for our in-depth review in the coming weeks.