Asteroid to fly close to Earth


With error bars still in the asteroid's orbit calculations, there's the chance it could get as close as 42,000 km - just above the roughly 36,000 km altitude of geosynchronous satellites - and that could make the pass visible to amateur astronomers.

With asteroid 2012 TC4 about to pass between Earth and the moon, NASA is gearing up for its much-anticipated live test of its warning system.

Recently, a enormous asteroid named Florence came record-breaking close to Earth during its fly-by and now our Earth is gearing up to witness another near-miss flyby of a house-sized asteroid. So, it's the small asteroids that are hard to track and are unsafe for our planet. Also, as the TC4 is expected to return to earth in 2050 and 2079, hence, we can get well prepared to counter its danger in future, if any. It spins once every 12.2 minutes, Sputnik International reported.

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Experts will find out how accurate their projections of size and distance were on Thursday, as well as study what the asteroid is made of.

Scientists found this asteroid about five years ago when it had been at the twice the current distance away from the Earth before disappearing view.

Scientists will use the close flyby of 2012 TC4 as an opportunity to test out their planetary defense system, in preparation for a real asteroid threat.

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It was first captured by Pan-STARRS observatory in Hawaii in 2012 and then by Very Large Telescope in Chile in 2017, according to Sputnik International.

An asteroid the size of a house is going to narrowly miss Earth this week in an uncomfortable but risk-free flyby.

It is expected to swing around again in 2050 and 2079 as it continually loops the Sun. "There are tens of thousands of objects that are known or tracked and nothing now poses any direct risk, but organizations like NASA and other space agencies around the world are working on plans for what to do if something is coming our way, so we have a better chance than the dinosaurs", said Glenn.

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