British PM fights back after plot to oust her


Two members at the meeting have reportedly claimed that Mrs Leadsom bashed Mrs May's "soft" approach to Brexit and dropped the Cabinet protocol of referring to her as "Prime Minister".

In a private text message sent to Conservative MPs via their Whatsapp group, Boris Johnson urged them to "get behind the PM".

Davidson, who like Johnson is tipped as a potential leader of the party, urged rebellious MPs to "settle down" while Leadsom told plot ringleader Grant Shapps to "shut up". Then, she trudged through just about the worst speech of her life-again, against stiff competition!-amidst the early stages of bronchitis, a collapsing set and a cheeky chappie handing her the United Kingdom equivalent of a pink slip, all the while looking over her shoulder at the shaggy-headed buffoon whose official position is Foreign Secretary but whose actually full-time job is to undermine her.

Prime Minister Theresa May has come under pressure to quit since the disastrous general election result.

"I just think it's about time he put his own ambitions to the side and make sure that we rally around Theresa May for the sake of the county because the alternative is Jeremy Corbyn and that is terrifying for people in Scotland".

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Mr Shapps was added to the WhatsApp group after his plot became public so he could read messages from colleagues condemning his efforts.

Mr Shapps, who was co-chair of the party between 2012 and 2015, said he believed it was "time we actually tackle this issue of leadership" adding that "so do many colleagues".

She told BBC Radio 4's Any Questions that Mrs May "has the absolute support of her entire Cabinet and of her party".

Former cabinet minister John Redwood - who ran unsuccessfully against John Major after he challenged rebels to "put up or shut up" - gave his support to Mrs May.

Theresa May will give a speech created to halt the rebellion against her next week after playing down calls for her to quit, claiming she will continue to provide "calm leadership" of her party.

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He also cast doubt about the level of support Mr Shapps claimed to have, pointing out they had "not spoken out or let their names be known".

"I would ask all [the plotters] just to contemplate that if they think ditching the Prime Minister halfway through these really tough negotiaions that will affect Britain for generations, are they really doing the right thing?"

'I think there's an very bad lot of people in our party that need to settle down'.

The prime minister's assessment of the Florence speech - which eurocrats gloated they had "pretty much dictated", but did not occasion any concessions from Brussels - is not shared by everyone in the Tory Party, or indeed the wider Brexit movement.

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