California restaurant 'proudly' serves Popeyes chicken as its own


One Yelp reviewer, identified at "Tyler H." posted a review this week saying that he saw restaurant workers bringing in large boxes of fried chicken from Popeye's into the kitchen.

Customers at a Long Beach restaurant are complaining after they discovered they were paying premium prices for Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, reports Los Angeles news station KABC. In other words, once I buy a bucket of fried chicken from Popeyes I can resell the individual pieces of chicken or use it as a sandwich filling. "After checking, he admitted that they do in fact use Popeye's". He added that the manager didn't charge him for the meal.

"We promote usually small batch local producers in our menu".

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The owner says that she has been transparent about this, adding that outsourcing ingredients is common in the restaurant industry. She then had the nerve to get a bit hincty with Tyler: "Whatever to you and your little review, like it was some great exposure-and whatever to you, dude". We use a ready made chicken - and always have - even before we chose to go with a certain chain as opposed to a food distributor brand fried chicken.Your local coffee place in Long Beach maybe selling you (does sell actually) Rossmore pastry or Babettes pastry and breads you had that lunch sandwich on and if you ask where it comes from they tell you- but it isn't on their menu. And later stated in a Facebook post that, "We have never claimed we make each and every item". He chose to order chicken and waffles to see if Popeyes chicken was used; if you've had Popeyes, you know it has a distinct flavor.

But can Sweet Dixie legally do this?

The Facebook page seems to be down now, but a Long Beach food writer grabbed screenshots of the exchange. "I don't actually have a proper kitchen back there", Sanchez explained.

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The negative reviews have been flooding Sweet Dixie Restaurant's Yelp page ever since.

"In response to their response..." The customer then wrote a Yelp review relaying his dissatisfaction with having to pay a premium for fast food fried chicken.

Sanchez says she plans to continue serving the dish until the authorities stop her. "You do this for coffee...why not for Popeyes chicken?". "Most of my stuff from here is made from scratch", she said. We can't fry at this location and it the fried chicken I love so much and I ate a ton of it in the ATL.

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Since the scandal, Sanchez has been attempting to reach the owner of the Popeyes franchise so that their partnership can become official.