Clinton Suggests Russian Interference in 2016 Election Was a 'Cyber 9/11'


"Our intelligence community and other observers of Russian Federation and Putin have said he held a grudge against me because as secretary of state, I stood up against some of his actions, his authoritarianism", Clinton told the ABC.

Clinton published a book in September titled, "What Happened" in which she details her take on how she lost an election nearly everyone expected her to easily win. "A cold creepiness rarely seen", he said.

"I think he is part nihilist, part anarchist, part exhibitionist, part opportunist, who is either actually on the payroll of the Kremlin or in some way supporting their propaganda objectives, because of his resentment toward the United States, toward Europe", she said.

In response to Clinton's comments, Assange said on Twitter there was "something wrong with Hillary Clinton". Watch closely. Something much darker rides along with it.

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"But it's much bigger than that". During the 2016 election season, Wikileaks targeted Clinton's campaign, dumping thousands of hacked emails from chairman John Podesta's account.

The site released the emails over a four-month period in the lead-up to the election in 2016.

Clinton claimed that in a bid to disrupt the election and derail her presidential campaign, Assange teamed up with none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Clinton alleged that the actions of WikiLeaks and Russian Federation played a major role in her losing the race. Even when it came to public prominence in 2011, Wikileaks released cables from the US State Department that revealed the identity of dissidents in dictatorial regimes.

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"And if he's such a, you know, martyr of free speech, why doesn't WikiLeaks ever publish anything coming out of Russian Federation?" she added.

During a heavily political interview, with the questions asked by Radio 4 presenter Jim Naughtie, Clinton spoke for more than an hour in an attempt to set out just what did happen.

"There was a concerted operation between WikiLeaks and Russian Federation and most likely people in the United States to. weaponise that information, to make up stories, outlandish, often bad stories that had no basis in fact. which were used to denigrate me, my campaign, people who supported me, and to help [Mr] Trump", she said.

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