Congress demands PM's actions on Amit Shah's son Jay


Kozhikode: BJP state President Kummanam Rajasekharan on Sunday said party chief Amit Shah's visit to Kerala was meant to erase "fear" from the minds of the people of the state. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi earlier used the allegations to get back at PM Modi who used to mock him as "Shehzada" during the 2014 campaign.

Surjewala said BJP chiefs in the past had resigned in the wake of allegations against them, including L.K. Advani, Bangaru Lakshman, and Nitin Gadkari.

The senior leader of Congress Kapil Sibbal was the first to attack BJP, as he said the allegations should be investigated.

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Surjewala said there was no reason for shying away from the probe, especially when the Bharatiya Janata Party was maintaining there was nothing wrong in the whole matter.

Addressing the rally, CPI leader JV Satyanarayana Murthy and CPM State secretariat member Ch Narasinga Rao said that never before in the history of the city did a political party attack another and wondered how the BJP and RSS could ransack CPM office here for the alleged attacks on them in Kerala. It's not the RBI, the poor or the farmers.

The report in The Wire said the turnover of Jay Shah-owned Temple Enterprise Private Ltd allegedly grew from Rs 50,000 in March 2015 to Rs 80.5 crore in 2015-16. While Congress, Left, and Aam Aadmi Party demanded a probe, Union Minister Piyush Goyal rejected the charges and Jay announced he will file a criminal defamation suit of Rs 100 crore against the media house. It's the Shah-in-Shah of Demo. "Jay carries out a fully legitimate and lawful business on commercial lines which are reflected in income tax (filings) and transactions in banks", Goyal said at a press conference at the BJP headquarters on Sunday evening. The report published by The Wire also alleged that Jay Shah's company had stopped its business operations after benefiting from unprecedented windfall gain in 2015-16. Goyal was the power minister until recently. "He should be defending the government", the former law minister told reporters.

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Jay Shah's business shows surprising growth after 2014.

The Communist Party of India (CPIM) also took the advantage of the golden chance they received by the news.

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