Days Later, Fox News Retracts Story On Phony 'Navy SEAL'


The Washington Post reports that 11 days after the story aired, Fox News had to retract the story because not only did the man, John Garofalo, never serve in the SEALs or Vietnam (he did serve in the Navy from 1963-67), he also never earned any special commendations for his service.

But here's the gag-and because it's 2017, there's always a gag: According to the Military Times, homeboy never served in Vietnam.

The report - captioned "Decorated War Hero Hopes to Honor Trump With Glass Presidential Seal" - included numerous details of Garofalo's alleged military past. He also showed off 22 medals he had allegedly received, including two Purple Hearts.

Fox News said it will issue an on-air correction on Sunday.

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Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley contacted Fox News a day after they aired the segment asking them to retract the phony story. The segment went viral online, racking up 1.5 million views on the Fox News Facebook page.

In an interview with the Navy Times, Garofalo admitted he had lied to the news outlet, and said he has falsely portrayed himself as a Vietnam veteran and Navy SEAL for years. He was never a U.S. Navy SEAL.

"God bless John Garofalo", another anchor said. "An awesome guy, I hope he gets to meet the president", says another one.

In its statement, Fox said that "over the last two weeks, we've worked with Garofalo's family and the National Personnel Records Center to get to the bottom of a military past that Garofalo had claimed to be covert".

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Garofalo served in the Navy from September 6, 1963, to September 6, 1967, according to military records obtained by the Navy Times.

"What I did I'm ashamed of, and I didn't mean to cause so much disgrace to the SEALs", says the 72-year-old Garofalo, noting his lies about his service have gotten "bigger and bigger" over the years.

"It got bigger and bigger", Garofalo told Navy Times about his lie. He was assigned to a tour in Rota, Spain as an aviation boatswain's mate, a ground-based officer who operates and performs maintenance on boats and aircraft. "We apologize to our viewers, especially veterans and servicemen and women", Fox News said in its statement.

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