Florida Reveals Alternate "Swamp Green" Uniforms


For this Saturday's game against Texas A&M, Florida will wear a new uniform created to evoke the look and feel of an alligator.

The Gators will wear an alternative "swamp green" uniform created to look like the scaly skin of an alligator. The jersey has an alligator skin pattern.

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Instead, the uniform will be "swamp green" from the helmet down to the socks with a little bit of orange and blue detailing. It's the first time they've ever worn a base color other than blue, orange, or white. Players will also wear swamp green gloves with royal blue straps and accents and an orange swoosh.

UF is set to debut it's new, one-time, alternate uniform in a home matchup against the Texas A&M Aggies. A swamp green t-Shirt and hat with Gatorhead logo are available for purchase.

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The Gators take on Texas A&M on Saturday. In 2012, Florida welcomed the Aggies to the Southeastern Conference as UF traveled to College Station, Texas on September 8, 2012.

"'The Swamp' is a place where only Gators get out alive", Spurrier said.

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