Google maps out moons and planets across the Solar System


And according to a recent report, Google has now added dozens of additional planets and moons of our solar system that can be located on its Google Maps.

You have an important business meeting at Wawalag Planitia on Venus, but you've never been there.

This might sound a little forward-thinking, but the future is now.

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The company stated that it worked with astronomical artist Bjorn Jonsson, who assembled the maps of planets and moons to its service, by working with imagery from U.S. space agency NASA and the European Space Agency.

It enables a visit to Saturn's natural satellites such as Enceladus, Dione or Iapetus, Rhea and Mimas as well as Jupiter's Europa and Ganymede.

It was also the first time annotations were added to the imagery, allowing users to explore the ISS with pop-up notes that provide insights into life in zero gravity. In your browser, you can head over to Google Maps and zoom out from Earth until you're in space! You can also explore International Space Station.

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The beautifully stitched worlds were all created by astronomical artist Björn Jónsson who used imagery from both NASA and the European Space Agency archives.

So, start exploring your solar system and check other planets.

The new worlds are explorable on Google Maps right now.

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