Hulu drops price for cheapest monthly subscription plan to $5.99


The service has temporarily lowered its entry-level price for new customers.

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Variety reports the discount is not in response to Netflix's price increase - Hulu's promotion quietly went into effect last month - but an effort to build up its subscriber base for the start of the fall TV season.

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The price cut is only available for a limited time and is restricted to new customers. This is for a plan that has commercials (we highly recommend splurging a few extra bucks a month for the "almost" ad-free version of the service, it's well worth it). As long as you sign up before January 9th, 2018, you'll pay the promotional price of $5.99 a month for 12 months before the price reverts to $7.99. After the first year of service (including trial period), the subscription plan will increase to the standard $8 per month cost. In May, it launched a $40-a-month live TV streaming service with more than 50 channels.

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Watch out: Hulu offers similar offers around September yearly. In addition to all of the original content, Hulu has also licensed rights to popular shows both old and new, such as How I Met Your Mother, Glee, M*A*S*H, 30 Rock, Black-ish and the shows from ABC's TGIF lineup in the 1990s. Live TV subscribers also get to enjoy Hulu's existing streaming plan with limited commercials and more than 3500 TV and film titles.