India lose 1-2 to Colombia despite Jeakson's historic goal


However, the debut match for India did not prove to be quite fruitful with the host team losing to the United States of America with a 0-3 scoreline.

Credit must also be given to Indian goalkeeper Dheeraj Singh Moiranthem whose saves in the 36th and 40th minute ensured India went into halftime holding the Colombians at 0-0.

World Cup debutants and underdog India were comprehensively beaten by the United States in Group A and for much of the 90 minutes India vs United States was a match of boys against men, with the Americans superior in every department of the game.

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The defence saw Boris Thangjam returning to the starting XI.

Though India vs Colombia clash is going to be an important match, one should not ignore the other matches on Monday.

India vs Colombia Live streaming: Indian football team posing for the team photo.

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Rahul had also nearly equalised for India in the 55th minute. Dheeraj was good in the goal for India but will need more support from his defenders. Colombia took it to their advantage and advanced time and again on the flanks, where the hosts left spaces wide open for the opponents to attack.

10′ Colombia held 80 per cent possession of the ball in the first ten minutes, though no goal was recorded from either side.

But the moment took time to sink in for the 11 Indians on the field, as the home team's defence was found sleeping when the Colombians converged soon after re-start to find Penaloza celebrating his brace. While the nation gears up for the upcoming match, India and Colombia have a history that did not prove to be quite fortunate for the Indian youngsters.

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