IOS 11 - is it worth updating your iPhone?


According to data from more than 100,000 devices running iOS, Apple's system updates do not cause phones to slow down.

There have been rumors for some time that newer versions of Apple's iOS end up making some older iPhone slow.

However, the biggest complaint seems to be that iOS 11 is sapping the battery life out of iPhones.

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SEE TOO: Which new iPhone is best? Combined with more bloated apps, it certainly gives the feeling the things are slowing down and getting worse, even if Apple isn't intentionally reducing performance. And it's these changes that have many iPhone and iPad users considering an "upgrade" to the early version of iOS 11.1. For now, we've had a tinker with iOS 11 on an iPhone 7, to bring you our first impressions on five of its key features.

There is an easy fix: if you are unable to open the News-Journal e-Edition app on your device, simply delete the app. However, this will be exclusively visual, so do not expect any new features.

Some people on various bastions of internet opinion like Reddit welcomed the return of iTunes with App Store access, but other notes that is a backwards step for iTunes and leaves it in a bloated and overly feature-heavy state.

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On iOS 11, you can now use a slider to pick the section of the Live Photo which will work as the main still image. Something similar happened with Apple's iOS 11.0.2 users. But if you add all of them, it might make the Control Centre more confusing to use than it's created to be. Though obviously not a use-case scenario that will arise frequently, if at all, the ability to power down a device via the Settings menu is very helpful in instances when a user's power button is acting up.

Just in time for Halloween, you'll also get mythical beings-like genies, zombies, mermaids, elves and fairies. The beta will help Apple shorten the list.

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