Iron Banner Makes Destiny 2 Debut With These Gear And Armor Rewards


As for Killing Time, you basically get to extend the mission timer by killing enemies.

The Faction Rallies recently held by the Tower residents of "Destiny 2" has just come to a conclusion, but Bungie looks to keep their momentum going with another event. This time around, it's Control.

It will be interesting to see how different, if at all, Distant Shore is from Shores of Time, as Destiny 1's maps were built for six-vs-six gameplay, and Destiny 2's Crucible has been built from the ground up for four-vs-four.

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Destiny 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it will launch on October 24, 2017 for PC. It will last from October 10th until the 17th, right ahead of the next weekly reset.

The Iron Banner Rank and Bounties systems have also been discarded in favor of a brand new vendor system, which effectively works the same as every other vendor in Destiny 2. It does not matter how high or low your Light is, as long as you've beaten the main campaign then you can enjoy this PvP activity.

It looks like Bungie is bringing over the standard Crucible player-versus-player mechanics that value skill over raw stats to this year's Iron Banner event.

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For Iron Banner, you don't actually have to win to earn rewards (though it will slow down your progress if you don't win).

Engage in a conversation with him to unlock Iron Banner Milestones, and with it, access to the playlist itself. And of course, there is armor for each class up for grabs. Destiny 2 Nightfalls are hard timer based strikes. Today, Guardians will be able to explore the Iron Banner (with its new features) and get some sweet Iron Banner armor, as well as get some nice loot for completing challenges and strikes. You can thank the Destiny subreddit for details on these. The event kicks off today alongside the reset, so you can get started as soon as it arrives.

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