Joe Maddon defends his decision not to use closer Wade Davis


What the Cubs fail to understand is that if the rule is not in place, Culberson likely plows into Contreras or at the very least slides feet first into their star catcher potentially injuring his outstretched leg.

Maddon was ejected in the bottom of the seventh after a replay review led to Charlie Culberson scoring the Dodgers' fifth run.

And Maddon, well, he was not pleased.

Davis pitched 2 ¹/₃ innings in relief in Game 5 of the NLDS against the Nationals, and Maddon wasn't about to risk extending the right-hander again.

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The regulation is called the "Posey Rule" after San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey suffered a season-ending injury during a collision at the plate in 2011.

"The umpires did everything according to what they've been told, but I, from Day One, have totally disagreed with the context of that rule".

"I really enjoy my conversations with (Torre)", Maddon said (via the Chicago Tribune). I've got to stick up for everybody that plays this game.

Maddon's decision to leave closer Wade Davis in the bullpen in Game 2 of the NLCS against the Dodgers backfired as Justin Turner launched a three-run walk-off homer against John Lackey in the ninth at Chavez Revine.

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Maddon's public interactions often are a combination of charming and engaging. "I thought it was inappropriate". Where is the sense in getting yourself chucked out of the game at that point to scream in the face of the on-field umpires who hadn't made the call and who would have been right even if they had? I think it's wrong. "I will not change anything". They have to change everything. Fans of literally every team in the Majors are convinced their club's manager is frightful at picking which reliever to use at what time, and while there's plenty of evidence to suggest the rigid and heavily specialized bullpen structures favored by teams a few years ago is not always the best way to go about securing wins or keeping games close, that's all gone out in the window in recent postseasons anyway.

So there you have it: Wade Davis was not on the mound for the Cubs in the ninth inning on Sunday because he was limited to throwing one inning in the game and Maddon feared warming his closer up and not using him after he threw 44 pitches in the emotional Game 5 win over the Nationals.

What a load of nonsense. In these circumstances, you don't get him up and then don't get him in. But that, in my mind, is not the only deciding factor in how Sunday night played out. The aim is to win a World Series, not to win a battle against the rule-makers.

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