Jong-nam murder trial postponed due to expert's exhaustion


The murder charge under Section 302 of the Penal Code carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction. "Based on concentrate estimate, it is about 1.4 times the lethal dosage".

The officer said that, in contrast, the footage of Kim being murdered was "quite rough, as if like an attack".

Dr Raja made a request to judge Azmi Ariffin for the cross examination to be conducted tomorrow, after spending almost two hours at the Chemistry Department in Petaling Jaya showing the evidence that had been sent to him for testing, including shreds of a shirt bearing the letters "LOL" that belonged to one of the accused, Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong.

Huong and Indonesian Siti Aisyah, in their 20s, are accused of killing Kim on February 13 by rubbing the nerve agent VX on his face in a Cold War-style hit that stunned the world.

Raja's finding of VX on the women's clothing and Huong's fingernails was the first evidence linking VX to the two suspects.

Their lawyers had claimed that the women were told they were participating in a reality television show prank.

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Chemistry Department's centre of chemical weapon analysis lab chief Dr Raja Subramaniam, 42, said the minimal lethal concentration dosage of VX poison following skin exposure is 0.142mg/kg of body weight.

He agreed with the defense's assertion that actual VX could have been smuggled into Malaysia or a nonfatal compound could have been smuggled into the country and mixed with sulphur, another nontoxic element, to create VX in a clandestine laboratory.

Raja also testified last week that VX was detected on Kim Jong Nam's face, eyes, clothing, and in his blood and urine samples.

The court was shown two records which showed Huong in the airport's departure hall.

"They were sent back to North Korea upon the request of the investigating officer", he said in response to Gooi's question on what happened to Jong Nam's belongings.

"We have an uphill battle in this case".

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Kim was the eldest son in the current generation of North Korea's dynastic rulers but lived in virtual exile as an apparent family outcast. He reportedly never met current leader Kim Jong Un, who is widely believed to have perceived his older sibling as a threat and targeted him for assassination. "We know their (prosecution) narration; we know the evidence that they have".

The scene in the video appears nearly casual, in contrast to the dramatic news of his death once it was made public.

After the gurney carrying Kim's motionless body is brought into an apparently authorized personnel-only area of the airport for transfer to an ambulance, one of the five people with him summons the elevator.

VX is listed by the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction, and Kim died in agony shortly after being attacked.

The video was first broadcast late Sunday by Japan's Fuji TV.

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