Local gun shops compare bump stocks to expensive toys


The influential National Rifle Association (NRA), which staunchly opposed moves to tighten gun control laws after the Orlando massacre and others, said on Thursday bump stocks, which remain legal, "should be subject to additional regulations".

Thirty-year-old Glenn Bush, who lives in Dallas, said he bought one after getting a semi-automatic rifle as a Christmas gift.

I'm referring to the Las Vegas shooting.

Six days after the deadliest mass shooting in USA history, the National Rifle Association released an official statement saying that rapid-fire devices such as the ones used by Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock "should be subject to additional regulations".

"It's bad that it gives the whole [gun] community a bad name rather than that person".

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The NRA called on Thursday for regulators to "immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law". It's something we're very open to. Her proposal had the support of 38 Democrats, although no Republicans had come forward as co-sponsors.

Around 40% of Americans own guns, or live in a house where someone else does.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, who spoke to reporters moments after the NRA statement was issued, said: "Members of both parties and multiple organisations are planning to take a look at bump-stocks".

"There needs to be an honest conversation about solutions that work, and one of those solutions is to make sure the Second Amendment is supported and protected".

Army veteran Gustavo also believes in the right to self-defence.

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"I do think it's a little bit early for people to say they know what to do to fix this problem", Scalise told Meet the Press host Chuck Todd. The investigation has since revealed shooter Stephen Paddock used. He did a lot of evil because he was an evil person. A rifle with a bump stock and a high-capacity magazine that can hold between 60 and 100 rounds and a hand grip that allows a shooter to push the rifle away from the body to bounce, or bump, the weapon into the trigger finger can fire large amounts of automatic-like fire without much concern for accuracy.

"We all have to get more educated as to what these are, how it - how they became available in the first place". A bump-stock ban makes sense. "But I do want them to think broader". "We just refuse to participate".

The National Rifle Association endorsement of restrictions to add-ons that effectively turn semi-automatic weapons into functional automatic ones clears the way for Congress and the White House to pursue a crackdown without fear of retribution from the outside force.

A semi-automatic weapon fires a single bullet with each pull of the trigger, whereas an automatic fires for as long as you compress the trigger. Guadagno noted, "Automatic weapons are already illegal, so we should absolutely have a discussion about bump stocks, which seem to violate the spirit of the law".

The devices are known as "bump stocks", among other names.

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A federal official said authorities are looking into the possibility Paddock planned additional attacks, including a auto bombing. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said he was surprised Paddock had provided so few clues, and that has proved challenging.