Macklemore's 'Same Love' Hit #1 On The iTunes Charts Overnight


U.S. rapper Macklemore - who has become embroiled in Australia's same-sex marriage debate over his decision to perform his hit Same Love at the NRL grand final - has pledged to donate the Australian earnings of the hit single to the Yes campaign.

Mr Abbott on Wednesday tweeted rugby league fans "shouldn't be subjected to a politicised grand final".

THANKS to Tony Abbott, the NRL grand final will have an enormous global audience.

As of late afternoon on Thursday, almost 13,000 people had signed the petition, which is seeking 15,000 signatures.

However, the musician's Australian publicist said the conference had been cancelled.

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Macklemore also finished the performance by declaring, "Equality for all".

Macklemore, meanwhile, isn't concerned about the kerfuffle, and actually he said he sees the controversy as reason to push the issue even more.

The song has now become an unofficial anthem for marriage equality in Australia.

Prior to Abbott's complaints about politics in sport, wilfully forgetting the absolute raft of politically charged moments involving athletes over the past forever, the song - which is still inside the top 20, sitting at #15 - was placed at #100 before making its meteoric ascent.

"Don't use our dime and don't use our time to try and convince us of a political argument that you're putting", he said.

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'I'm gonna go harder, ' he added.

However in the tweet since the news broke about the single re-charting, the singer said: "Love is winning".

Now that Macklemore has performed his powerful track, and the world hasn't ended because of it, we hope that some of the politicians who protested this performance may start to realise that there is indeed room for positive messages of equality at sporting events.

Opposition to Macklemore's performance of his biggest hit has reached a fever pitch as Australians now have until November 7 to mail in a vote on whether they are for or against marriage equality, in a poll that is nonbinding but will be considered by Parliament before it votes on the issue.

But the American performer has hit back, promising a significant funding boost for the country's "YES" campaign.

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