Major Fire Breaks Out In Fuel Tank Farm On Butcher Island


"The teams contained the fire to affected tank only made operation possible in three days two nights", Chief Fire Officer Prabhat Rahangdale informed. "The other tanks are being emptied of fuel, but the high-speed diesel could not be decanted completely from the tank that had caught fire".

He said firefighters of MbPT as well as the fire brigade team are working in tandem to douse the blaze.

"Excessive heat caused reignition around 4.30 am on Saturday. Foam and other extinguishing agents are being used for the goal", said Prabhat Rahangdale, chief fire officer, Mumbai Fire Brigade. The blaze is likely to be doused only by Sunday morning as the authorities have chose to let the fuel in the tank burn out completely, considering that the foaming fire-fighting operations have failed to yield results.

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After the thunderstorm on Friday at 5.15 pm, the lightning struck a loading hub for petroleum products near Mumbai, in Thane creek. "But overall, the situation is under control", Rahangdale said but did not specify how long the firefighting operation would continue.

BPCL executive director and head of safety Manohar Rao said an external agency specialising in foam-spraying has been commissioned to help contain the fire faster.

"Our main challenge is to keep the other tanks near the affected one safe".

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The tanks have a storage capacity of 10-15 lakh litres, according to reports.

Excessive heat reignites flames, which started due to a lightning strike on Friday.

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