McDonald's issues public statement following Szechuan Sauce backlash


The frenzy and despair has been heard, and McDonalds says it will bring back more Szechuan sauce.

While McDonald's has yet to release an exact date for the return of it's Szechuan sauce, the recent news should come as music to the ears of "Rick & Morty" fans. McDonald's locations received anywhere from 20 sauce packets to 70 sauce packets, which was nowhere near enough to satisfy the appetite of Rick and Morty fans.

When there wasn't enough sauce to go around, outrage ensued - both online and in real life.

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The New York Times reports that people were upset because they couldn't get McDonald's limited-edition Szechuan sauce and took to social media to excoriate the fast food giant.

So, what does it taste like? McDonald's locations had hundreds of fans show up to get their hands on some sauce, but the amount available was even more limited than many thought.

"If it takes nine seasons, I want my McNugget dipping sauce!" The event concluded with massive lines and select retailers not having almost enough sauce on hand to meet demand. It was something of an intriguing, corporate-friendly throwaway reference in a single episode, and plenty of people figured it'd be really cool (as well as a PR win) if McDonald's just brought it back. Someone tried to sell his container of sauce, while Binging With Babish's Andrew Rea and some of Rick and Morty's cast and crew tried to lower our expectations. "That's my one-armed-man, Morty!" a raging Rick tells his frightened grandson.

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After its Szechuan sauce misstep, McDonald's is still trying to make things schwifty in here, and is promising sauce for everyone in the future. And after all of that, McDonald's gave into customer demand-even rude and disgusting customer demand-to make them happy.

Saturday in Detroit, sauce seekers began lining up about four hours ahead of the 2 p.m. release and wrapped around the McDonald's on Woodward to get a packet with their Buttermilk Crispy Tenders.

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