#MeToo Campaign Raises Awareness about Sexual Assault


The "Me Too" movement began with Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano, soon after co-actress Rose McGowan alleged famous producer Harvey Weinstein of sexually harassing her and had her Twitter account suspended.

"And we kept on asking them to leave us alone, and they wouldn't do it, my friend Beth had to pull out a taser", Liz Schindler recalled of an incident in the French Quarter.

But the online movement didn't start with Milano on Sunday.

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Hamilton star Javier Munoz tweeted, "Me too". The only way we are ever going to encourage more young women to speak out is by sharing our experiences with our children, in an open and age-appropriate way. It has since come out that while Milano played a huge part in amplifying the message of #MeToo, activist Tarana Burke started a Me Too movement more than a decade ago.

The president of the women's advocacy nonprofit group, The New Agenda, Amy Siskins, said hashtag " me too" has become popular as an extension of her campaign #WomenWhoRoar. I was horrified by her words, the emotions welling inside of me ran the gamut, and I listened until I literally could not take it anymore... which turned out to be less than 5 minutes. "But they are equal to men".

The police department has shared a post on Facebook, saying they were "perturbed" by the number of women who shared their stories of sexual abuse.

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"It was overwhelming for me", said Katelyn Brewer, President & CEO of Darkness 2 Light.

No, that does not mean every woman in every job is held to a set of rules that don't apply to men. "Victims don't come out unless they are victims". One in five women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, and almost half of lesbian women, almost half of heterosexual women and three-quarters of bisexual women report being the victims of sexual violence sometime in their lives.

"We do tend to see an uptick in calls when public awareness campaigns roll out", said Katharine Collier Esser, assistant director of research and training services at The Women's Center, which provides rape and counseling services in Fort Worth. It seems that, while people expect women to do the work of reliving their traumas to be taken seriously, few (again, mostly male) perpetrators appear willing to publicly take responsibility for what they've done wrong. I can't remember when I last heard a man acknowledge that even something as offhand (which it shouldn't be) as "rating" a woman - "she's a 10" or "I'd give her a 6 at max" in a parking lot or a pub contributes to a circle of harassment, as pointed by a Facebook user, Dhruv Deshpande. "I would love to see this movement turn into policy and turn into culture change". It does not empower women - it simply acknowledges that men have held on to their own power for too long and that some of them are sorry for it. It shows how prevalent it is for people who say things like, "that rarely happens" or 'it's not that big of a problem'.

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