Microsoft Edge now available on Play Store


In a surprise move last week, Microsoft said it was bringing its Edge Web browser to Android and iOS platforms.

This style of sharing is all part of Microsoft's push to build an ecosystem around your Windows 10 devices that can easily include Android and iOS mobile devices for cross platform/device sharing.

In the company's testing of 36,120 different instances involving the access of 1,136 suspicious URLs over a 23-day period, the company found Edge to provide significantly more protection than its Google- and Mozilla-made alternatives.

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It's now official that Microsoft's own mobile OS is on its deathbed breathing it's last. Microsoft says Edge will also sync a user's favourites and reading lists across devices.

The first look of the Android version of the Edge will be released soon in the United States, but it will available to the residents of United States. What that means again is that you might come across bugs and instability that could affect its performance. You'll be sent a link that will take you to the Play Store page for Microsoft Edge, where you can install the browser.

So if you did sign-up to be notified about Microsoft Edge on Android, you probably received an email message today announcing its release.

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So you can head over to the Google Play Store and grab the app to get started.

One of the best feature about the new browser is that you can continue a webpage from your laptop or desktop. It will use Chrome's Blink engine for Android. An interesting thing about this is if the user has stopped reading in Windows 10 of Edge, he can continue the same in Android where he has left reading in Windows 10 browser.

This is the hottest attempt by the Redmont-based company to bump up its presence across the smartphone platform- by offering its apps to Android and iOS users when Windows Phone is officially dead.

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